Bring Balance to your Office  

Research on worksite wellness is showing time and time again the importance of developing a culture of wellness for employees. To ensure top-talent recruitment and retention, productivity, creativity, and overall satisfaction, wellness must be "the water in which companies swim."

Eliza offers talks, workshops, and 1:1 coaching package prices to companies of all shapes and sizes.

Workshop Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • 4 Steps to Change a Habit: An Integrative Approach

  • Mindful Eating Habits

  • What the Gut? Why Your Gut Health Matters

  • Midday or afterwork Tri.Be Classes

  • Meditation Classes

  • Building Resilience in Today’s Result-driven World

For Bookings and Inquiries please email:

What people are saying:

“Eliza has this unique sense of both calm and power, enabling people to look within themselves, get moving and then make things happen. Whether it be through guided meditation, leading a group class, or in a more structured setting, she always takes an approach of checking in with yourself first and then doing what feels good and right for you. It’s been so nice working with someone as down to earth as Eliza”  -Anna Chan, Founder of MyMomentum


Past Partners Include:

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