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What is Breathwork?


Breathwork is the umbrella term for any type of manipulation of the breath. Breathwork has it’s roots in Ancient Eastern practices like Tai Chi, yoga, and Buddhism.   There are dozens of different schools and types of breathwork that have evolved from their ancient origins, including the popular Wim Hof method and modern-day Pranayama (yogic breathing). Breathwork has been used to improve athletic performance, treat asthma, decrease anxiety and depression, enrich creativity, aid in personal growth, increase joy and happiness, boost immunity, and significantly reduce symptoms associated with chronic stress. The B.well breathwork sessions are personalized to your needs, using evidence-based exercises on functional breathing and the conscious connected breath as the foundation to transformation.

We breathe 20,000+ times a day. That’s 20,000 opportunities to either support your well-being, or unknowingly deteriorate it. Functional breathing, much like functional movement, is ensuring that you’re breathing in a way to support your well-being even when you’re not thinking about it. In my 1:1 work, I start by first addressing the foundations of the breath through functional breathing. For some, this might be the extent of our work together. For others, functional breathing might be only the beginning before diving deeper into the power of therapeutic breathwork through the conscious connected breath.

The conscious connected breath is a powerful breathwork pattern intended to enhance mindfulness and release any sensations and/or stuck energies and emotions held in the body. It's "conscious" because you will be encouraged to actively engage with the breath (instead of observing it as you would in meditation). It's "connected" because the inhales and exhales flow into one another in a circular rhythm. Doing this breath for an extended period of time might feel uncomfortable at first, but often leads to major breakthroughs in healing and growth.

During a conscious connected breathwork journey, I use the support of music to guide you through a journey to a “peak,” and then guide your nervous system back into a relaxed, supported way of being. The end of a session includes time for integration through journaling, reflecting, and sharing your experience. 

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