Merging my two passions of fitness and mindfulness, I created Tri.Be class to address both the body and the mind in a fun and challenging way. It consists of 3 distinct parts:

  • High-energy, to the beat cardio endurance. It is here where we quiet the mind chatter and ignite the power of the body.

  • We then move seamlessly into partner and group resistance exercises. Realizing the deep need for human connection in today’s ever isolating tech-driven work, I create a playful environment where we can cheer each other on while challenging our bodies to the limits.

  • We shift our attention back inwards with light stretching, breathwork, and guided meditation for the final part of Tri.Be.

You will leave Tri.Be class with a deep sense of calm, accomplishment, and gratitude. Each class is 60-minutes long.

Interested in bringing Tri.Be to your community? Please email for more information.