Hey! Eliza here.

I believe in the power of the present moment. I believe that we all have the capacity for greatness. I believe that we can find answers to life’s hardest questions from within ourselves. And most importantly, I know that we are all much closer to reaching our health and wellness goals than we think.

With a Masters in Integrative Health, a BA in psychology, and a bunch of certifications too long to list, I support people through a completely holistic lens. Imagine a personal trainer, nutritionist, mindfulness/meditation teacher, and mindset coach all in one.

1:1 Coaching 


Work with Eliza to help you reach your health and wellness goals for lifelong, sustainable change.

Tri.Be Class


An intense, collaborative workout class for your mind, body and soul.



Educate your friends, employees, or teammates through specially designed workshops

Who Eliza has worked with: