The Foundation of Health and well-being (hint: it's not your vitamix)

Question for you. When your best friend comes to you worried she might get fired for a typo in an email to her boss, you console her, right? You tell her that you know she is trying her best and that everybody makes mistakes. “Your boss won’t even notice,” you tell her.

"Self-Compassion, plain and simple, is treating yourself how you would treat a friend."

Cool. Now let’s reverse roles. All of a sudden YOU are the one who made the dumb stupid typo and your boss is 100% going to notice and fire you on the SPOT for such a careless mistake. “You worthless idiot,” you tell yourself. 

Regardless of the situation, we are SO MEAN TO OURSELVES about some of the same things that we console and support our friends on. This is where self-compassion comes in. Self-compassion, plain and simple, is treating yourself how you would treat a friend

In today’s world, we often work out and eat well because we think that THAT’S the path to loving ourselves. Almost like our love is the reward at the end of a long tunnel of discipline and hard work. Well I think that’s a bunch of bullsh*t. And the research agrees. 

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Research on self-compassion has been growing exponentially over the past decade. It’s been proven to lower levels of anxiety and depression, increase immune functioning, increase levels of happiness, optimism, motivation, and self-confidence, and even improves body image and eating habits. 

Self-Compassion is the foundation in which we’re able to grow into the person we want to become. Self-compassion is the fertile soil in which all healthy behaviors and relationships can flourish. So really, self-compassion is a necessity, even MORE so than your favorite workout class or smoothie recipe.

From the lens of self-compassion as the foundation to health and well-being, this blog will explore all aspects of holistic healing. Best practices in diet, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, skin care, relationships…we’re just getting started here! I’m stoked to see where this wonderful journey will take me and I hope you’ll join me for the ride! 

xo Eliza

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